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The Nurburgring was bought by the Germans

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The famous Nurburgring still remained with the Germans. It should also be noted that the track itself and the associated infrastructure were acquired by a company called Capricorn, as stated in its press release. We also add that the Germans had to pay approximately 100 million for the track. Euro. Investors pledged to invest 25% of this amount in the creation of new jobs and infrastructure.

The rights to the autodrome will be transferred to this company next year. The new owners will keep the profile of the famous complex, and will not even give up music festivals like Rock am Ring. It should be recalled that the track was put up for sale after the Nuerburgring Automotive GmbH, which rented it, went bankrupt. Last week, information sources reported that the autodrome was acquired by HIG Capital from the United States, paying “from 60 to 70 million. Euro”. But the data turned out to be premature, investors from Germany offered a large amount.

The Nurburgring was built in 1927 in Rhineland-Palatinate. It is one of the most famous complexes in the world for “GP2”, “DTM”, “Formula-1” and so on. It should be noted that manufacturers of “civilian” cars often use this route as a test site. And on “tourist days” hundreds of fans come here to drive around the track in various cars.

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