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Nissan Almera 2014 and AvtoVAZ

by sellrentcars

AvtoVAZ news is simply amazing. Since 2012, AvtoVAZ has been manufacturing the new 2014 Nissan Almera, and such a car will leave the AvtoVAZ factories no earlier than the beginning of 2014. The sedan received the famous universal platform, which has the name B0. This platform is already built on Juke, NV200. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that Almera is produced on the same line as Lada Largus 2014. This can not only frighten buyers, but also lead to additional losses for buyers. Although, such a move by Nissan is completely unpredictable. Vinyl styling is available for you

The updated appearance of Almera immediately catches the eye with large new headlights. The radiator grille has not changed much, and the bumper has included an additional grille at the bottom for more airflow into the engine. Small, round fog lights are also present on the sides of the lower bumper.

The car received 2 sets of wheels, namely wheels with a diameter of R15 and R16. The company decided to increase the wheel arches to emphasize the new wheels. The trunk of the new Nissan allows you to accommodate a volume of up to 504 liters. The main dimensions of the car are: length 4610 mm, width 1695 mm, and height 1500 mm. The wheelbase has a size of 2700 mm. And the clearance of the car is 160 mm.

As for the technical characteristics, here the company took care of the comfort and sufficient power of the car.

The car has several engine options.

The first engine is a four-cylinder engine with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 102 liters.With. This equipment is available with a five -speed manual gearbox, or a four -speed automatic.

The second motor is also a four -cylinder engine, its volume is exactly 2 liters, and power, this engine produces 133 liters.With. It is equipped with a variator by the engine, namely the X-CVTOT of JATCO, T.e.This is not a variator of Nissan. Acceleration of such a configuration to hundreds is 12.7 seconds. Its consumption in the city will be at least 10.5 liters per hundred kilometers, and on the highway, the company promises a company from 6 liters.

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