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Opel Corsa

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The new car from Opel allows the driver to appreciate the many advantages of compact cars. Inside the cabin, the car seems much larger than outside. An important component of the Opel car company is car design. The bright, distinctive headlights, together with the lower air intakes, create a facial expression.

The interior of the salon is very elegant and only high-quality materials were used in the decoration, creating a very warm atmosphere. This car has good practicality. The steering wheel is adjustable in all positions, the elements are conveniently located on the center console. All controls are very conveniently located.

Opel is produced with several engines. Each one is economical and powerful. To buy a used engine you need to spend 20 thousand. rubles. Due to the good strength of the body and the equipment with various security systems, Corsa is considered the safest car. It will be able to protect all passengers and drivers as much as possible. Inside the car, all passengers have access to the Bluetooth module and multimedia system. She sounds very good. There are two-stage airbags, of which there are 4 pieces in the car. For the driver and all passengers.

Opel handles well in busy traffic. Responds well to steering wheel turns. Fuel consumption dropped to 4 liters per 100 kilometers. There is a system that monitors the pressure in the tires of the car.

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