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New type of commercial van from Iveco

by sellrentcars

On the automobile show, held annually in Hannover and called IAA Commercial Vehicles, was represented by the Iveco Conceptual Vision Fouron for commercial transportation.

The presented car has in equipping a plastic body, a transparent roof together with the front racks created from transparent material, the latest LED optics. This sample of commercial vehicles was developed as a clean, environmentally friendly minivan, designed to operate as a delivery vehicle. The door designed to access the front passenger access to the salon also provides passage to the cargo compartment. To provide people with convenience when entering the car interior, there is an automatic step.

The van is equipped with an autonomous system that monitors the distribution of cargo inside the Vision cabin. This complex placed items immersed in the car, according to the type of items or dimensions, which the driver informs after the placement. Cargo fixation is performed through specialized devices.

The driver’s place also has innovative equipment – there is a steering wheel resembling the assault with aircraft, together with the diggage panel panel. The equipment of the van is partially controlled by a tablet computer built into the car system. There is a camera in the equipment of the car, broadcasting the picture to the existing projection display, placed above the windshield.

As a power unit used, Vision has a Dual Energy transmission, where an electric motor is installed, with which an internal combustion engine functions in tandem. And if you suddenly need to repair the Iveco gearbox, Best Motors will help you. Carrying out urban driving, this concept car uses only electric traction, which ensures the environmental friendliness of such a car.

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