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Contract engine – the new heart of the car

by sellrentcars

The operation of a car for a long time is always associated with the failure of certain parts. This happens especially often on older cars that are more than one year old. Repairs to these vehicles can otherwise be quite costly, especially if the engine, suspension or transmission fails. Sometimes it is not profitable to repair such a unit, it is easier and much cheaper to buy a new or used unit in normal working condition. If the engine is out of order, it is easier to buy a contract engine. This is where the term “contract engine” came from. This word is used to refer to a unit that has been used before but is still in working order.

Buying a contract engine is a rather complicated procedure that requires the buyer to have a good knowledge of the structure and characteristics of the engine. It is advisable to carry out such a purchase in specialized companies, and engines purchased from private entrepreneurs should be well checked in a car service.

All contract engines are divided into two groups: numbered and non-numbered. When buying any of them, a set of documents on their origin and customs clearance must be provided. Without these documents, registering a car in the traffic police will be problematic.

Contract engines remain after dismantling the car, especially if it has been in an accident or complex repairs. The main suppliers of such engines are the Baltic countries, Poland, less often Germany. To buy the engine, it is enough to find the contacts of such companies, often they have their representatives in Russia. The interior company takes on the process of searching for the engine, its inspection and identification of defects, delivery to Russia and its customs cleaning. In addition, the purchase of a contract engine is documented and there is a warranty life. Therefore, working with such companies is safer.

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