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Toyota RAV4EV

by sellrentcars

The 2012 RAV4 EV is Toyota’s second-generation electric vehicle based on the popular compact crossover. This time the development was completed with the help of Tesla, who supplied the technical know-how for this car. The result is an intensely responsive vehicle with excellent handling and a nicely refined interior.

Toyota equipped this new EV with a normal and sport power system (normal allows 218 Nm of torque, sport 273 Nm). The speed limit in normal mode is 136 km per hour, while the choice of the second, sport mode, extends this figure to 160 km per hour. Battery charging is also available in two levels, 35 kWh and 41.8 kilowatt-hours, the latter charges the battery to full capacity, but battery life may be shortened.

With a generous 129-kilowatt battery, the new Toyota RAV4 EV has an estimated range of 160 km on a single charge. Elaborate range estimation algorithms and a dashboard show on screen how the travel distance could be extended by turning the A/C off or changing it to one of its more economical settings (there are three: Eco-Low, Eco-High and Normal).

In a proposal to expand the range of the RAV 4, Toyota made several aerodynamic upgrades to the car, including a new rear spoiler, a flat floor for the batteries and different fairings, resulting in a drag coefficient of just 0.3 points.

To complete the bodywork, the bodywork of the car was adorned with Toyota’s blue environmental badges and high performance headlights were added. Vehicle features manually adjustable heated seats with active head restraints, Optitron instrument, multi-function instrument cluster and touchscreen with Toyota Entune telematics package.

The only downside to the RAV 4 EV is its relatively high price. Plus, you need to consider that you also need to add the cost of the Leviton charger, which costs about $1,600.

Thus, Toyota’s sales plan is modest. The company plans to sell only 2,600 units within three years, mainly in California (capital of hybrid cars and electric vehicles).

Toyota RAV4 EV 2012:

Basic price: $ 59,800.

Transmission: AC asynchronous engine, 154 horsepower, 273 Nm.

Own weight: 1830 kg.

0-100 km per hour: 7.0 seconds.

You can drive on batteries: 160 km.

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