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A few words about the leather interior in the car

by sellrentcars

People began to cover their own bed with other people’s skins in ancient times. Of course, such an entertaining tradition has a chance to survive to this day, for example, today the presence of leather materials in the interior of a car is considered to be the top of automotive prestige. Of course, it will be quite expensive to remodel the interior of the car to your own preferences. However, what our people will not do in order to please their own souls. Today there are more than half of such clients in services. Someone wants to tighten the interior of a prestigious Bavarian horse with leather, while others simply want to color the interior of their more modest Chevrolet to give it some psychedelic shades. There are those who appreciate the embroidery on the skin. Today, it is also customary to consider the presence of own monograms on the backs or headrests of car seats as a special chic. And there are those who are not satisfied with the quality of materials in the cabin of even the most expensive tuning Mercedes.

Often today Alcantara comes to replace the skin – artificial suede. By the way, this material is of sufficient quality, and at a price it is many times higher than natural. Of course, for all these cases it is simply unrealistic to stock up on any patterns or stencils. So, the specialists of such workshops work manually, individually cutting out and adjusting the shells for each of the interior elements that are subject to such processing. For example, the same wheel. Here you have to use a simple tailor’s centimeter to measure the circumference of the steering wheel and its rim, as well as the width of its spokes. The pattern in this case is done immediately on the skin itself, since experienced specialists may not particularly bother with graph paper. If the case is seen by specialists as particularly difficult, then sometimes it is necessary to insure additionally, allowing a little more than usual. As for the alteration of the car interior itself, here the most common need is to replace the upholstery on the seats, headrests, armrests, as well as the manufacture of new rates for door panels. And in this case, qualified craftsmen do without patterns, and as a pattern they are simply an old shell, which, whatever one may say, will still have to be removed. The only “but” here is that sometimes the style requires changing the principle of cutting components.

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