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Didn’t fasten my seatbelt, paid 15 thousand

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Didn’t fasten my seatbelt, paid 15 thousand

A resident of the Republic of Bashkiria, who tried to pay off a very principled traffic police officer, was sentenced. The accused resident of the Baltachevsky district had to pay a fine in the amount of thirty times the amount of the bribe offered to him.

The court found that in February, the traffic police inspector, while performing his official duties, stopped the car in which the accused was traveling. A 44-year-old man was driving in the passenger seat and was not wearing a seat belt, thereby violating the rules. Having admitted his mistake, the defendant decided to settle the conflict and offered the inspector of the road service a bribe of 500 rubles. When the transfer of money was carried out, the violator was detained by police officers.

A few days ago, the Karaidel District Court considered this case and imposed a severe punishment on the accused, obliging him to pay a fine of 15,000 rubles. It should be noted that a resident of the Baltachevsky district, who violated the rules, fully admitted his guilt.

To date, statistics are not encouraging, because every fifth violator of Bashkiria travels in a car without using seat belts. For an illustrative example, here are the statistics of one day. Press officer Svetlana Asyanova reported that out of 3,500 violators noted by traffic police inspectors, only in one shift – 700 citizens were not fastened.

The State traffic inspectorate of Russia spoke about the reasons why people prefer not to use seat belts in cars. It turned out that 26% of respondents believe that when driving at a low speed, you should not fasten your seat belts, 6% of respondents say that if there is an airbag in the car, then you should not buckle up. 6% believe that wearing a seatbelt should not be done at all. Only 70% of the passengers surveyed use belts when moving in the front seat of a car, and only 24% buckle up in the back seats of a vehicle.

For driving a car without a seatbelt, the driver faces a fine of 500 rubles. The same penalty awaits an unbelted passenger.

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