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Lada Xray crossover – crossing out prejudices

by sellrentcars

More recently, AvtoVAZ in an instant attracted the gaze of not only fellow countrymen, but also a foreign audience. The designers have long said that the domestic manufacturer is preparing to let a car into the world arena that can cross out all the prejudices about Russian cars and open a new milestone in the history of domestic automotive industry. To evaluate the consequences of such changes, it is necessary to evaluate the new brainchild of AvtoVAZ – Lada Xray.

The new Lada Xray crossover has 122 l.With. Under your hood. If we talk in more detail about the engine, the car turned out to be very interesting. 16-valve motor in 1.8 liters works quietly and stable. I can’t even believe a little that the new model managed to get rid of the relics of the Lada of the past years. Moreover, manufacturers were able to adapt the operation of the engine to the robot box.

The exterior does not have any high-tech revolutionary changes. Gasoline tank with a volume of 50 liters., The design is determined by a characteristic stamping on the lateral surfaces of the car in the form of the letter “X”, the front of the car is the shape of the radiator lattice X. The car looks attractive and saturated externally.

The interior is no less interesting than the exterior. There is a new gearbox selector covered with chrome and skin. There are small cup holders and various shelves for small items. And most importantly, this is climate control. Everything is supported automatically. The driver can only independently set the parameters. The dashboard is equipped with a multimedia system with a touch display. Progress does not stand still, and the need to use new technologies is constantly growing. Air duct deflectors look quite stylish and organic with interior design.

The chassis has endured numerous changes. Added an electric steering wheel, changed springs, racks. Now the car is perfectly controlled even on a bad road surface, preserving all the comfort.

What the motorists got in the end? Firstly, this is a fundamentally new car of domestic production, which meets all the modern requirements of motorists. Secondly, the chassis has changed, which significantly improved the cross-country ability in various conditions. But in general, the car is a decisive step “Forward” of the domestic automotive industry.

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