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Toyota Corolla 2014

by sellrentcars

The new car from Toyota, namely the famous Toyota Corolla received a new design. This car is scheduled for release in 2014, but Australians can already afford to drive it on their mainland. This car was puzzled by a huge sensation, despite its price. You can view and buy beauty salon equipment cheaply.

The car has become really more aggressive, its appearance emphasizes anger and sportiness. The new chrome grille brings out the beauty of the car from the front, as do the chic headlights. The car received seventeen-inch wheels, t.e. compared to the past fifteen, the company realized what it was doing wrong. The company provides maximum amenities, and for an additional payment of $ 1,500, you can get a panoramic sunroof. New audio system, which is also available on the driver’s steering wheel. New rear-view mirrors, bi-xenon headlights, and most importantly, improved seat heating.

The car is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with a volume of 1.8 liters, while delivering power of 138 liters.With. Its torque is 173 Nm. The company provides a six-speed manual transmission, but you can get a CVT for a small surcharge. Acceleration of the car to hundreds is 9.7 seconds, and if you use mechanical control, then acceleration to hundreds is better than 10 seconds. The variator presents 7 gears, again virtual, which are available in manual mode too. If we look at Toyota in its entirety, then new cars like Camry Avensis or Jeeps provide more powerful cars. Therefore, for the new Corolla, they could make the engine more powerful. But, most likely, the company just wants to leave the car in this economy class, with a beautiful appearance. On the other hand, separate surcharges for many spare parts and parts do not represent any savings.

The price of such a car in Australia is $19,990.

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