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Engine valves: types, purpose and selection tips

by buma888

The engine of any car experiences high loads and heats up to significant temperatures. To ensure its functionality, a ventilation system is created using valves, which allows hot air to be removed efficiently and to prevent the ingress of technical fluids. To choose the right devices, you should find out more information on https://klifex.com/membranes-pcv-egr-oil-separator/positive-crankcase-ventilation-valves .

Equipment Features

One important valve is a device labeled PCV. The English abbreviation stands for positive ventilation valve. It is installed on the engine crankcase and is designed to remove gases that appear during combustion of fuel in the engine of the car.

The direct release of such gases is too harmful to the environment, so the valve sends some of them for recirculation. This allows you to reduce the concentration of hazardous substances in the exhaust. A valve malfunction will lead to significant air pollution, an increase in harmful substances in exhaust gases, which can be immediately detected by special instruments, and lead to a fine or a ban on operating the vehicle.

To prevent this from happening, you should purchase a PCV valve membrane from the online store of the Kyiv company Klifex.

There are ventilation valves for various car models. By going to the product page, you can see photographs of the product from different angles, read the description, find out the technical parameters, and what car models they are suitable for, taking into account the year of their manufacture.

Valve purchase and replacement

It is easy to check the functionality of the device. This can be done by blowing air into one of the holes. For more thorough control, a vacuum pump is used. When the pressure decreases or increases, the device should open or close without failure or delay.

If there are faults, you can choose the most suitable option on the Klifex website and replace it yourself.

It is important to choose the right type of product, for which you can consult with a store specialist. He will give accurate and complete recommendations for selection, help you make a purchase and arrange delivery.

When replacing, you need to disconnect the hoses, remove the old valve, place a new one in its place, and tighten it. Then the hoses are returned to their place and the operation of the engine is checked.

If everything is done correctly, including valve selection, the motor will operate without failures, and the emission of harmful substances will be within normal limits.

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