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Honda Link complexes with a new interface

by sellrentcars

Honda equips its next-generation Honda Link entertainment systems with Display Audio interface. The main innovation here was Apple’s Siri Eyes Free voice control technology. It is activated by pressing a special button on the steering wheel, after which it will be possible to control the functions of the car using your voice.

Using a Bluetooth protocol, you can connect smartphones to the multimedia system, however, only the iPhone 5, 5s and 5C. Gadgets for Android OS will receive this opportunity next year. Siri allows you to recruit SMS, set navigation routes, as well as manage a number of other applications.

A seven -inch touch screen allows you to control an audio system, a list of contacts in a smartphone, to access various car settings.

The Honda Link system also allows you to display a flatulent, information about the situation on the roads, view the pages in social networks, as well as search for the nearest hotels, restaurants, parking lots and gas stations.

Honda Link is also equipped with a assistance system for an motorist in case of extreme situations. For example, when an airbag is deployed in the passenger compartment of a car located in the coverage area of ​​​​cellular networks, a support service operator will immediately contact the driver.

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