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Overview of the tractor model KamAZ-65116

by sellrentcars

The model called KamAZ-65116 is a truck tractor type. This model is produced from 2007 to today. This car is a product of the KamAZ automobile concern.  This machine is designed to provide cargo transportation over medium and long distances.

The car basically has a frame that is welded from durable steel, type 10HSND. The wheel layout of this car is three-axle, and the drive of the car is rear.

At the rear, on the frame, this vehicle is equipped with a special fifth wheel coupling, which is designed to connect the tractor with the semi-trailer. The machine is capable of transporting a semi-trailer with a load inside, with a total mass of 30,500 kilograms. The maximum allowable load on the hitch of the machine is 15500 kilograms.

The car is equipped with an American diesel engine from Cummins. The engine has an in-line layout and is equipped with six cylinders. To increase the power on this unit, a turbocharging system is used. The power of this diesel engine is 300 horsepower, with a volume of 6700 cubic centimeters. The transmission of this machine is mechanical and has nine steps.  The suspension of the machine, by the nature of the work, is dependent. It is equipped with blocks of leaf springs. On the front axle, the suspension is represented by springs and shock absorbers, and on the two rear drive axles, a balancing suspension system is used, which also works together with the springs.

The brake system on all wheels is drum, and it has a mixed pneumatic drive with hydraulic amplification.

The steering of the machine is quite easy, due to the fact that there is a hydraulic booster.

The cab of the machine is made with a berth and a ceiling of medium height. It has a cabover design and is located directly above the engine. Cabin suspension to the frame is made with pneumatic cushions.

Inside the car there are two seats, for the driver and passenger, and one bunk is placed in the berth. There is a special “organizer” between the seats, in which cup holders are mounted, and there are also several small glove boxes. Power windows on both doors are manually operated. The interior of the car also has a heating system, as well as a “simple” audio system.


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