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That the coming year?

by sellrentcars

Next year you have decided to buy a new car, and of course, you are interested in what to expect on the market and what new products manufacturers will please? To begin with, you can advise all motorists to look at the page where there is traffic rules online 2014 with changes – it will not be superfluous to anyone, nor a novice driver or a professional, and only then look at what the car market will be stirred up next year, and whether something is worth it. to acquire for yourself.

So what to wait for next year?

For lovers of compact city cars, interest will be represented by Ford Fiesta 2014 who will have a liter Ecoboos turbo engine capable of providing 123 horsepower and having a six -speed gearbox. And his direct competitor Nissan Note 2014 – which will also be economical in operation, but also very powerful and “nimble”, which for the city in the conditions of its traffic jams and the need for maneuvers will be very welcome.

In terms of more solid and prestigious cars, you should pay attention to the Audi S3 – a two-liter engine with a capacity of 300 horsepower, and the acceleration dynamics of which will be five seconds to hundreds, and with a maximum speed of 250 km / h, will delight fans of fast driving and beautiful cars.

Fans of “big” cars may be interested in the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup, which is scheduled for release in 2014. The technical characteristics of this car are impressive, both in general and in all modifications of this model. But it is worth noting that this car has a three-liter diesel engine, which has been significantly modernized, and thanks to the work of engineers, it is not only economical, but also in its characteristics can compete with 6 and 8-liter gasoline engines, which for SUV lovers can become the most acceptable condition for making a purchase.

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