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Opel to release 2012 Astra sedan

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Opel to release 2012 Astra sedan

Automaker Opel is preparing to introduce its new Astra sedan of the current model year to the world. This car became known during a series of tests on the road. As well as other novelties of 2012 (Sports Tourer, five-door hatchback and sports hatchback GTC), the new Astra will be sold in Russia, Turkey and throughout Europe. Moreover, it will be available just for the general population. It will be possible to buy a car this year.

Interestingly, Opel has previously produced the Astra sedan, but it was called the Buick Excelle GT in China, and the Buick Verano in North America.

As for the design, the updated Astra completely repeats the Astra sports hatchback. That is, the sedan has a large air intake on the front bumper, a stylish radiator grille, front optics, trunk, bumper and rear fenders covered with camouflage film. The new Opel Astra differs from the famous Buick, first of all, in the shape of its rear lights, a not too rounded bumper and the shape of the trunk lid.

A noticeable difference from other Astra models in the new car is the presence of additional space for passengers in the rear row, obtained by increasing the size of the sedan. Also, the car received a 500-liter trunk.

Little has changed in the interior of the car. On the contrary, the Astra sedan inside resembles its predecessors to the maximum. That is, in the interior of the car, the seats will be covered with a standard fabric for this car model, and the torpedo will be decorated with aluminum.

It is impossible not to mention the technical side of the issue. True, manufacturers are not preparing any special innovations here. According to the promise of representatives of Opel, the suspension will be retuned in the new Astra, which will allow passengers to ride in the car with greater comfort.

The engine range will not differ from previous versions of Astra. That is, we can expect such cars with gasoline engines, the volume of which will be 1.4 liters or 1.6 liters. The power of these units is 110 l.With. and 115 l.With. respectively. Also in the lineup there will be cars with turbocharged engines with a capacity of 140 or 180 horsepower. Don’t forget diesel engines. In the line of the new Astra, they will be represented by a 1.7-liter engine, and their power will be 110 liters.With., 125 l.With., as well as 130 l.With.

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