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What you need to know about batteries?

by sellrentcars

Any driver knows that without a normally working battery it is very difficult to start the car on their own, they will have to push it, take it in tow or use jumpers to connect to another battery and thus start. When buying a battery, several factors must be taken into account. The best at the moment in our market are the underwear German batteries Bosch, their plus is that they do not need care, you do not need to control the level and condition of the electrolyte, it is only enough to check their charge from time to time and put them for recharging.

When buying a battery, you need to know about all warranty requirements. So, for example, the average guarantee is from 18 to 36 months, however, if the battery is purchased for a taxi or minibus, then the guarantee lasts no longer than 6 – 12 months, this is due to the intensive mode of using such vehicles. In Moscow and in other large cities, cheap taxi at the airport, at the station or to the place of work is in great demand among the population. By frequently starting the engine, the driver uses more battery life, which generates an electric current to start a spark and start the engine, besides, passengers of a cheap taxi to the airport want to feel comfortable on the road, so you have to turn on climate control, music or a heater, and all this the equipment is powered by a battery or from the current generated by the generator while driving.

Any car manufacturer indicates which capacity batteries are allowed to use. If you purchase a battery with a lower load, then it will very quickly become unusable, as it will experience a constant reload. A distinctive feature of the battery reload is brown electrolyte, over time such a battery will simply stop holding the load, will quickly discharge and you will not be accepted under the warranty, since you yourself are to blame for its damage. The same thing will be if you select a battery with a greater capacity, it will experience a constant non -discharge, a white electrolyte will say this. You will also not be accepted by such a battery under warranty, and you can’t prove anything, since the facts of overload or underpass are very easily determined by a simple measurement of the density of the electrolyte, assessment of its color and condition. Also, such batteries will not be able to hold the load. Therefore, carefully read the requirements of car manufacturers and the warranty card of the battery itself.

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