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Car tuning – TV installation

by sellrentcars

Buying even an expensive car car owner to strive to bring any of his details, which will noticeably highlight his steel friend. Tuning of course allows you to do this. The original drawing is sometimes very suitable for the car. But also about internal tuning, which is not always noticeable, we must not forget.

When buying even an expensive car, the car owner strives to bring in some detail of his own that will noticeably distinguish his steel friend. Tuning, of course, allows you to do this. The original drawing is sometimes very suitable for the car. But we must not forget about internal tuning, which is not always noticeable.

And it concerns not only the replacement of upholstery or the purchase of new covers. Everyone already has car radios, but TVs are just coming into fashion.

Although new technologies have allowed the cathode ray tube to be replaced by a flat array. And now you can mount it anywhere. Even in the sun visor. Of course, there is a portable option that is easy to always take with you, say, on a picnic. The child can use it as a game console and play along with the characters of their favorite cartoons. Details at . True, a more advanced version is better suited for this.

Designed TVs for cars are essentially a type of computer. In addition to the fact that you can watch movies and play all kinds of online games, they perform the function of a navigator and can provide security.

After all, they began to mount a liquid crystal display in the rear-view mirrors. And now you can perfectly observe what is happening on the road.

Depending on the number of trips and distance, you can choose the right model. For the city, an analog or digital TV is suitable, which gives a clear picture. For the road, a model with a built-in tuner is useful. But the drivers of minibuses or buses making intercity transportation put a flat monitor so that passengers do not get bored on the road. You should buy such a TV only in specialized stores. There you will find a wide variety of choices and low prices.

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