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Review on the car Lada 2112

by sellrentcars

A passenger car called Lada 2112 is a small class hatchback, which was produced by the AvtoVAZ automotive holding from 1999 to 2008. These cars were assembled exclusively in Russia, at the general enterprise of the brand, in the city of Togliatti. The car was part of the family of cars Lada 110.

Model 2112, had a body with a supporting structure. The body of this car, as noted above, had a modification of the hatchback type, with five doors. The cabin of this car could easily accommodate up to five people. The seats of the car were equipped with headrests, they could also be adjusted. The ceiling and racks in the cars were finished with fabric materials, and the instrument panel, as well as the panels on the doors, were made of plastic, with fabric inserts. Window regulators were used manual type. The car was equipped with a two-spoke “safety” steering wheel. There were also seat belts on the seats of the car. The interior of the car was equipped with a traditional heating system, which allowed the car to be operated in the winter season. The luggage compartment of this hatchback had a volume of 350 liters, in the usual position, and if you lower the back of the rear sofa of the car, you could get a volume of up to 720 liters.

The design of the front of the machine was no different from the 2110 model. Lada 2112 also used rather thin and rectangular headlights, which were in line with the radiator grille. Also, the rear lights of the car were installed on the same line. The front fenders were made in such a way that they did not reach the edge of the hood, but ended at the top line of the headlights of the car. To compensate for the low fenders of the car, a rather large hood cover was used.

The suspension of the car was semi-independent in type, and it worked according to the MacPherson scheme.The motor of the car, as well as the transmission, due to the fact that the car had front-wheel drive, were located transversely with respect to the body. Both the engine and the transmission of the car were not equipped with a subframe, and were attached to the body through special mounts, pillows, which are called “guitars” in slang, due to visual similarity. The engines were installed gasoline, with an injection fuel injection system. The layout was in-line and four-cylinder. The power of the motors was in the range from 77 to 105 liters.With., with volumes from 1.500 to 1.800 liters. There were timing options with 8 and 16 valves. The transmission was used mechanical type with five steps.

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