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Night driving features

by sellrentcars

Night driving always involves risk and danger. In addition, drivers should remember that the reaction and attention of the human body is significantly weakened at night, there is rapid fatigue and fatigue.

Many drivers will say that it is easier and safer to drive at night as there are few cars on the road. However, statistics indicate that the number of accidents is at night. Apparently this advantage is pushing thrill-seekers to drive at high speeds.

Car owners should prepare their vehicles for a comfortable and safe night road trip. It is necessary to correct the work of headlights and turn signals, clean the windshield. It is dirty glass that scatters the headlights from oncoming cars.

Drivers should not forget about dashboard lighting settings. It should not irritate the eye or be dim, otherwise it will be impossible to see the readings.

Night driving rules:

Dipped headlights must be switched on already at minimum twilight. Driving with headlights off is dangerous and irrational for any motorist.

Any stop of the car at night must be accompanied by the included parking lights or, in some cases, an emergency signal.

Low vehicle speed is an additional insurance for the driver. Night driving is greatly hampered by the bright light of oncoming headlights. There are drivers who ignore the etiquette of night driving and do not switch their high beams to low beams when an oncoming vehicle. In this case, it remains only to temporarily take your eyesight to the side, for example, to the side of the road.

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