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The best concepts of this year are determined

by sellrentcars

Recently, a concept competition was held in North America. According to its results, the Hendai HCD-14 sedan, the BMW i8 Spyder hybrid car and the Ford Atlas pickup were recognized as the best for the current year.

This event is already held for the 12th time and the jury of the competition is carefully acquainted with all the concepts announced for the current season at the largest auto shows in the USA and Canada. In this competition, the best of the submitted 23 concepts were chosen.

Hyundai HCD-14 was declared the winner in the Passenger Cars category. Such concepts as Toyota Corolla Furia and Honda Ev-Sere competed with him. But the Korean car had a very winning design and a lot of the latest technologies.

As for the category of pickups, the Ford Atlas concept was recognized as the best. Japanese, German and Korean cars fought with this model for the title of best cars in this series. The jury of the competition emphasized that Ford Atlas provides many technical innovations that can rarely be found in SUV machines. It is also important that the American pickup is equipped with a mass of auxiliary systems to improve safety in the process of movement and increase control over the cargo transported both in the back and in the trailer.

In such a nomination as “pre -production concepts”, the BMW i8 Spyder was recognized as the best. It is important to note that the mass-produced BMW i8 can be presented at one of the German car dealerships and will be available for purchase at the beginning of next year.

As a rule, it takes about 4-5 years from a concept to a production car, so production models based on the winners of this competition can not be expected soon. In the meantime, everything will go on as usual: the most purchased cars will be used ones, and the purchase of broken cars in St. Petersburg will continue to be one of the most popular services.

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