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Windshield wiper problems.

by sellrentcars

The article describes the causes of malfunctions in the operation of windshield wipers. Troubleshooting Methods. Windshield wipers must be serviceable on every car. In difficult weather conditions, such as rain or snow, they are simply necessary. So, if your cleaner brushes do not move, then probable causes may be breaks in the electrical power circuit of the engine, oxidation of the tips, damage to the cleaner switch, a break in the motor winding. To eliminate these damages, a thorough inspection of all plug connections and the condition of the wires is required. Wires should not have kinks, frayed places and uninsulated areas. If the causes of problems are found, all breaks should be eliminated, the wire ends should be cleaned, and if necessary, all wires that have become unusable should be replaced. If you find out that the wiper switch was damaged, then you just need to replace it. To carry out this simple operation, it will be enough to remove the failed switch from the socket, disconnect the wires from it and connect a new one. One common problem occurs when the wipers do not move during intermittent windshield cleaning. This mode of operation of the cleaners is provided using a relay, which is installed under the control panel and fastened to the car body with screws. If the relay is damaged, the wiper motor may not stop and run continuously. A fully functional windshield wiper should be able to clear wet glass in no more than three full strokes at low speed. During normal, well-functioning operation, the wiper brushes should not touch the rubber glass seal, and after turning off, they should stop in the lower position. If the brushes stop too high, then the lever settings will need to be adjusted by changing their position on the toothed sleeve. The brushes should be changed regularly as soft rubber deteriorates over time and becomes too hard and inelastic.

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