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Updated A4

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Audi recently released an updated version of the famous A4 model.

Restyling allowed to refresh the appearance of the car and give it a new meaning. Despite good supply and demand, the company has major famous competitors, and they are in the same country as Audi. Of course, we are talking about BMW and Mercedes. You can use the car wrapping service.

The fresh design did not affect the dimensions of the body, they remained the same. Recall that the length of the car is 4701 mm, its width is 1826 mm, its height is 1427 mm, its wheelbase is 2808 mm, and its ground clearance or ground clearance is 135 mm.

Audi has only slightly changed the headlights of the car, now the car is available with versions where the LEDs are included directly in the headlights. The rear of the car received a more embossed body, which made the A4 more recognizable. For restyling, Audi tried to attract buyers with a choice of rims. These are light alloy wheels, which have sizes 225\55 R16 and 245\40 R18, do not forget about additional disks that can be obtained with a surcharge, these are 245\40 R19, 255\35 R19.

Well, the most important update is the improvement of technical characteristics. Now the car has got better handling with all-wheel drive, and a stiffer suspension.

Russia received a total of 6 engines, of which 4 are gasoline and 2 diesel options.

Two petrol engines with a volume of 1.8 liters, one of them has 120 liters.With. the second is 170 l.With. Both engines are equipped with a six-speed manual transmission or CVT, and a more powerful version of the engine has access to a six-speed automatic. Engine acceleration from 120 l.With. up to a hundred is 10.5 seconds, and an engine with 170 liters.With. in 8.1 sec.

The famous 2-liter gasoline engine produces 211 liters.With. It has a six-speed manual, a CVT and a seven-speed automatic.

And the most powerful gasoline engine of 3 liters produces 271 liters.With. Acceleration to hundreds in less than 5.4 seconds.

Diesel has engines of 2 and 3 liters. Two liter has 143 liters.With. and three liter 245 l.With.

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