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Vinyl car wrap

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During operation, any car is damaged due to poor road quality, stones, gravel and dirt fly from under the wheels onto the body. Currently, there is an effective way to prevent their occurrence – the vinyl film not only protects the body, but also improves the appearance of the car. The variety of shades, textures and patterns allows you to create a variety of styling options that cannot be achieved with conventional means.

Varieties of vinyl film:


light accumulative;




anti-gravel, etc.

There are so many types of film that it is almost impossible to list them all. Standard or simple film is considered the most common option among motorists, its advantages include affordable cost and excellent quality. The film is glossy and matte, the second option is considered more prestigious and of high quality.

Graphic film is used to print different images, it is considered an analogue of airbrushing. It allows you to apply almost any pattern to the surface of the car, which makes the option popular with young people. Hotels near the Moscow State Institute of International Relations provide numbers of different costs, from here it is easy to get to any place.

The texture film provides an imitation of the appearance and texture of the stone, leather, gold, wood and other materials, including carbon. The chameleon coating changes the shade depending on the viewing angle, the pasting is quite expensive, but allows the machine to stand out from the general flow.

The anti -gravel film performs primarily a protective function, it can be used both to protect the entire surface of the body, as well as its individual parts. The retroreflective coating, as you can guess from the name, perfectly reflects artificial light, the disadvantages include a limited number of shades. The luminous film accumulates the light in the daytime, and gives it at night, which provides the effect of glow in the dark.

Benefits of vinyl flooring include speed of application, strength, chemical resistance, durability, resistance to environmental influences and chemical damage. The advantage is also the price, pasting a car with the most expensive vinyl film will cost much less than painting.

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