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BMW is developing a new track coupe

by sellrentcars

The German Auto Concert BMW by the centenary of the start of the company creates a new track coupe. The charged novelty from the famous German automaker will receive the name M4.

Experts believe that this model will become a kind of successor to the previously famous two-door car M3 GTS, which began to be sold in the fall of 2011. The serial version of the novelty BMW M4 can be shown at the beginning of next year at one of the American car dealerships.Another German, Mercedes, is also planning to exhibit his new products there. Spare parts store for both of these flagships of the automotive industry can be found without much difficulty in any civilized country in the world.

As for the mass of the new coupe, it reaches 1.5 tons. Some of the modifications of the novelty may differ in reduced weight, but not less than 1.4 tons. Such a reduction in the weight of the model is possible through the use of body parts made of carbon fiber. In particular, the hood and front fenders can be made from this material. It is important to note that the coupe roof and trunk elements are made of carbon fiber. In addition, the steel doors of the model can be replaced with aluminum ones to reduce the overall weight.

As for the power plant of the new German car, a turbocharged three-liter six-cylinder engine with increased power output will be installed as an engine. There is evidence that the standard modification of the M4 model will be equipped with a motor capable of delivering 430 liters of power.With. This engine option will work in conjunction with a six-speed manual transmission or together with a seven-speed robotic transmission.

To modify the GTS, the engine will be able to deliver increased power of 450 liters.With. It is noteworthy that the pre-production version of this novelty was officially shown at the end of this summer at one of the American auto shows.

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