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Contactly statistics from an accident in Russia

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Contactly statistics from an accident in Russia

The other day terrible statistics were published, experts found out who is most often the culprit of the accident. According to experts, one of the first places is occupied by unemployed people, so about 780 accidents were recorded in the Kaluga region from January to May 2013, while about 100 people took away their lives, and 1000 people received injuries of varying severity. In 320 cases, unemployed people were to blame for these accidents. I wonder what such a high indicator is connected with? Or maybe some drivers just hide their place of work in order to avoid even greater difficulties.

In second place are the culprits of the accident are drunk drivers. According to experts, almost every second accident occurs precisely due to alcohol intoxication. And in 30 cases, the cause of the accident was simply inattention and absent-mindedness on the part of the driver. Such inattention cost the lives of 10 people, and 40 were seriously injured. Another culprit of accidents on the roads are pensioners, 26 accidents were recorded, with one death and about 30 injuries. With almost every fourth accident, the drivers at fault simply hide. Very often also the perpetrators of accidents are those who are still learning to drive. So, due to carelessness and due to the inexperience of young drivers, about 10 people died in May 2013.

But sometimes the pedestrians themselves are the culprits of the accident. According to experts, pedestrians were the culprits of 85 accidents, while they died, about 5 people received the rest, severe injuries. And all these terrible accidents occur through the fault of a person, it is a person who, due to his inattention, negligence and inexperience, poses the most dangerous threat on the roads.

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