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Review of the new Ford Explorer 2013

by sellrentcars

Today we will introduce you the very first version of Ford Explorer, which is highly performance, among the 2013 model year, this car will appear on the market at the end of 2013. For those who are interested in the cost of this car, you can see the prices for the Ford models and choose the model suitable for you.

The new version will have a power, turbocharged unit from Ford V6, which has an engine volume of 3.5 liters its name Ecoboost, according to manufacturers, this engine is able to produce a power of 350 horses.

The new Explorer Sport is the most high -performance model in this line of the car, said the chief engineer of Ford Bill Gubing.

This car has a powerful six-cylinder engine that works in conjunction with an automatic six-speed gearbox “SelectShift”, final drive ratio 3.16 to 1, it also has an all-wheel drive system and auxiliary adaptation, its main function is to adapt the car to various road conditions, this system is called Terrain Management.

Vehicle manufacturers have estimated fuel consumption at approximately 14.7 l/100 km in city driving and 10.7 l/100 km if you drive on the highway.

Engineers have added additional benefits to the car, namely, a new transmission has appeared, a more reinforced chassis design has become, the car has become much stiffer, better handling has become, the Explorer Sport also has a high-performance electric power steering, the creators of the car have not forgotten about your safety now with Explorer Sport upgraded the brake system, namely the brake discs have become larger diameter than before.

As for the appearance of the car, the creators installed stylish 20-inch rims, as well as a new grille, new instruments and lighting elements, new mirror housings, body elements became more aerodynamic.

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