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Compact electric car from a Spanish company

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Compact electric car from a Spanish company

A dream come true for many car rental companies. Now you can buy a car that, if necessary, folds almost in half and takes up no more than one and a half meters.

Recently, a new concept of an urban electric vehicle has been created. The Spanish company Hiriko Driving Mobility became the developer of this model. A distinctive feature of this miracle tumber was that it can be significantly reduced in size. So, parish on the site 1.5×1.5 meters in length and width will now not be problems.

In general, at the beginning, the concept of a new electric car was developed by the Massachusetts Technological Institute, which is located in the United States. But the idea of ​​the institute, together with European engineers, realized the idea.

The new vehicle was named Hiriko Citycar EV. It completely speaks for itself. The first word in the name of the electric car can be translated from the Basque dialect as a literally as – urban vehicle.

The characteristics of the new electric car are not much different from the standard configuration of such machines. No more than two people can accommodate in the cabin. The speed that the car can develop is limited to 110 km / h, although more is not required in urban conditions. Charged batteries are enough for a maximum distance of 120 kilometers, which is also quite good.

There are electric motors in the wheels of the machine. They themselves can unfold 90 degrees. Thanks to this, Hiriko is very mobile – it can move sideways, such a move is called crab, it is inherent in loaders, as well as diagonally. The electric car is capable of turning on on the spot. There are practically no mechanical connections in the city square, it is controlled by wires.

And now about the most important – in the parking lot you can fold, and it will take a place less than the compact “smart”. Seats where passengers are located, rise up, and the technical part with batteries and other devices drops down. Those who are in Cicar get up and leave it through the folding door.

Of course, such cars are unlikely to be appropriate for movement in a lively urban environment. But for driving in ecologically unpolluted areas of the city, large parks and open-air museums, they are quite applicable. Therefore, most likely they will be most in demand at rental services.

In addition, their price is quite solid – 12.5 thousand euros. The first models will go on sale next year.

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