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Spy shots of the next generation Nissan Note

by sellrentcars

This spring at the International Motor Show in Geneva, Nissan showed the world its new concept car, called the Invitation. Later it became known that the next generation of the Note compact minivan, popular in European markets, will be built on its basis.

Today, the first spy shots of the long-awaited new product from the Japanese automaker have leaked to the network. Judging by them, we can say that the development and testing process is nearing completion.

The difference between the European Note and the Japanese counterpart is in more dynamic body shapes, in which the design of the Invitation concept car can be easily traced.

As for the interior trim, according to the statement of the automaker officials, they will use quality materials, and in general the interior will become more premium. But the free space in the cabin will not change.

At the moment there is no information about the line of powertrains. We can say for sure that one of the installations will be a three-cylinder DIG-S unit with a compressor. Also debuting a new lightweight CVT in the new generation Note.

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