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New Nissan X-Trail

by sellrentcars

Nissan is preparing an updated version of the famous jeep X-Trail.

It is the head of the company who will present the novelty, and this is CarlosGon. This car has to be one of the best travel cars ever. It promotes an active lifestyle. It is worth noting that the advertising of this car is made with an emphasis on travel and just relaxation. But, despite the serious topic of travel, the car is not quite able to overcome serious off-road, so the main thing for this car is a maximum of gravel and a not very hilly meadow. Dnepropetrovsk batteries are available for you.

No matter how it is, the car has a good design and style, and now this version of the car belongs to the type of crossover. For the off -road qualities of the crossover, it is very good, while it delivers maximum comfort to the driver and passengers. The crossover has the same four -wheel drive, and, despite the many improvements, he did not succeed in becoming a good SUV. Its control allows you to distribute torque on both axis, for the correct distribution of traction, depending on the situation. But, unfortunately, now it is impossible to use only a mono drive. The company decided to release just a separate package with front -wheel drive, and to be honest, this is not the best choice.

The novelty received a suspension control, namely shock absorbers and their stiffness. It is worth noting also the damping control, to reduce various side vibrations of the car. And the extra system is some kind of stability control. The car at high speed, in order to avoid skidding or skidding of the wheel, brakes exactly the wheel that can provide this skidding or skidding.

The crossover now has less weight, which contributes to the acceleration of the dynamics of the car. And the trunk door became the basis for the reduction, it was lightened by seven kg. The design of the car has become more aerodynamic and streamlined.

The price of new items will start at $ 30,000.

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