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Pottery workshops in Los Angeles: benefits and conditions

by buma888

Working with a potter’s wheel is fascinating. The uniform concentric movement can almost hypnotize, and under your fingers a beautiful and even product magically emerges from a piece of soft clay. True, the occupation is quite dirty; it requires equipment, consumables, and knowledge of technological intricacies. Few people are ready to take their first steps from scratch at home. It is much more convenient to go to a comfortable, prepared space. Those who want to try wheel throwing in Los Angeles should get acquainted with Pottery Studio 1.

Pottery class formats

A separate two-hour master class. A one-time lesson, based on the results of which you will be able to decide whether to return, and you will also take home a souvenir made of white clay. Firing is included in the program, so the product will be completely ready. You can sign up from time to time to clear your head and recharge yourself with impressions. It’s easy to book a time through a convenient slot system (two options each in the morning, afternoon and evening).

The advanced version of the master class includes painting. In terms of price, this is plus ⅓ of the cost of the basic one. Special paints, clear glazes and two firing sessions are provided.

Companies of 5 people or more can request a separate group master class.

What else does the studio offer?

You can organize a whole event. Birthdays and other parties, couples sessions for lovers or family events are held. At the same time, pleasant little things can be provided – decorations, snacks and drinks, etc. On the website or from the manager, the visitor will find out exactly what is included in the set and choose the optimal tariff. A series of classes is also possible.


  1. For adults and for children.
  2. Simple registration through the form on the website. Indicate the options you are interested in, the number of guests (if you are planning a joint trip), select the date and time and leave a contact number. Staff will contact you.
  3. No fees or subscriptions are required to visit the studio. Just pay the cost of the chosen lesson according to the tariff and come to create at the appointed time. No additional costs or red tape with registration.
  4. Each lesson is led by a sensitive, experienced and skillful instructor. Each visitor will feel supported at every stage of product creation and will receive useful tips on how to achieve the desired result or what to experiment with.
  5. All tools and materials are provided. The craft is ready for use. Dishes, a vase or a candlestick can be given as a gift or used at home.

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