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Volkswagen launches urban compact cross up! (video)

by sellrentcars

The new CROSS UP model is a city cubmaker, which differs from the usual five -door modification by the presence of plastic protection, which is “equipped” with the lower surface of the body base, and the wheel arch. With this armor, the car is not terrible, for example, trips to the dirt road, when moving along which a mixture of sand and gravel flies from under the wheels all the time.

The modified bumper with additional protection of the lower part slightly increased the angles of the vnesd/congress. Moreover, an off -road version of the city model UP! It is distinguished by moldings that go along the “belt” of the body, as well as due to silver inserts on the buildings of external mirrors.

The internal interior of the novelty received the original red finish of the chairs, as well as the inserts covered with chromium and installed in air ducts and doors. With all this, the front panel of the car can be made in three color versions at once: dark gray, red and black.

The entire power architecture of the compact by more than 50% consists of ultra -high steel. In the engine compartment, you can detect a three -cylinder power unit EA211, with a capacity of about 75 liters.With. Fuel consumption in urban mode is 4.3 liters per 100 km of path.

The start of sales of a new all -resistant UP is scheduled for the summer of this year. The cost of a car in Germany markets is 14 thousand. Euro.

By the way, it should be noted that in addition to the five -door, a three -door modification of the UP model was also developed!. The engine, one is available in all variations, but at the same time, it is equipped with three forcing options: the version operating on natural gas developing about 68 liters.With., gasoline version with an output of 75 and 60 liters.With., as well as the BlueMotion version with the Start Stop option. With all this, fuel consumption is 4.2 liters at the option of 60 liters.With., and 4.3 liters at the engine 75 liters.With.

Please note that the car has three configuration packages at once: high up!, take up!, move up!. By the way, the first package even contains the City Emergency Braking option, which is activated only at a speed of 30 km/h. So, if there is a danger of a collision, the option issues an emergency speed reduction command.

The starting cost of a 3-door “up” in Europe will be 10 thousand. Euro. As for the five-door modification, you will have to pay 300 euros more for it. The assembly of the novelty is carried out at the Volkswagen AG plant, which is located in Bratislava.

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