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Toyota will use aluminum in its cars

by sellrentcars

Toyota developers will use aluminum parts more when creating new car models. Due to this, it will be possible to reduce the weight of cars, as well as improve fuel efficiency. Information about such plans of the Japanese automaker is reported by one of the thematic publications.

Perhaps the first model to use more aluminum will be the updated Lexus RX 350 SUV, which is scheduled to go on sale next fall. According to available information, the updated SUV will have an aluminum hood, as well as a tailgate.

In addition, the popular Toyota Camry sedan, after restyling, can also get an aluminum hood. Updated sedan will go on sale in 2018. You may notice that the official representatives of the Japanese automaker have not yet reported on which models aluminum parts will be used in. At the same time, plans to increase the number of parts in machines that are made from lightweight materials already exist.

There is information that the new models of the Japanese automaker will use more composite materials and various alloys. This is due to the desire to reduce the weight of cars. Yes, and auto repair work in St. Petersburg and other cities for such cars will become easier.

Earlier it was reported that Toyota has already reached an agreement with the Japanese company Kobe Steel regarding the supply of aluminum sheet to enterprises that manufacture cars. At the same time, the annual volume of deliveries is estimated at 100 thousand. tons.

It can be added that the first car in which lightweight materials were widely used was the updated Ford F-150 model shown at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. This American pickup truck had an all-aluminum body and a reinforced frame. Due to the use of a material lighter than steel, the car became 317 kg lighter after restyling.

Such a strong reduction in the weight of the car will certainly affect fuel efficiency, which will allow new cars to be equipped with less powerful and more economical engines. In addition, reducing the weight of, for example, an electric car can increase the range, which can spur demand.

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