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Prospects for the Kia Sedona 2015 model

by sellrentcars

Economic hatchbacks, spacious crossovers and affordable luxury sedans are all well and good, but there is a promising niche all over the world that remains unfilled. This is the niche of family minivans. Kia has long been teasing fans with teasers and snippets of information about the new minivan that will replace the already obsolete Carnival. The first photos and specifications of the Sedona have already appeared.

The body design is quite ordinary for the company. The now signature large honeycomb grille is framed in chrome.  But the car is far from “refined”. On it you can safely go and fish in Karalat. The headlights are fitted with LED daytime running lights. The profile of the car is quite typical for this class and is somewhat reminiscent of the Toyota Previa.

The interior is more and more interesting. A rich dashboard in front of the driver gives all the necessary information, and the necessary buttons are located on the multifunction steering wheel, so you can not be distracted from driving at all. The center console has a multimedia touch screen, a sound control panel (duplicated on the steering wheel), air conditioning control and an alarm button. The passenger has 2 glove compartments, spacious enough to accommodate everything you need on the road. The rear row is accessed by folding the second row of seats, as in a coupe.

Place in the engine compartment will take 3.3 liter petrol V6 with 280 horsepower and 340 Newtons of torque, paired with automatic transmission. This option will ship in the US. The appearance of diesel options for Europe has not yet been reported.

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