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Three of the most interesting limited edition cars.

by sellrentcars

Automakers periodically indulge their customers not only with additional options for the basic configuration, but also with the release of a whole new series with its own twist. As a rule, these are limited models that are distributed among the best customers or another narrow circle of people. We are not talking about the already beaten-up GTI, RS and other “charged” models, but about the real exclusive.

At one time, VAG loudly reminded of itself, showing that they are not the only ones famous for golf. This time, the Czech division of the concern pleased its fans with an interesting model – the Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo. This is a special version of the car, dedicated to the famous races on the sunny coast of Monaco. Everything is exclusive in it: from the body of mirrors to the chassis. The machine is designed for fans of the drive and those who are not enough Gran Turismo Iniezione.

Throughout the first half of the 2000s, car fans heatedly discussed the inaccessible novelty from Ferrari, which, not only was limited to 399 models, but was also distributed only to the wealthiest customers already in existence. The entry for the purchase of a Ferrari Enzo car was preliminary. The creation of the Pininfarina studio allowed the designers to make the car powerful, light and manageable, truly exclusive.

Speaking of upcoming exclusives, it’s impossible not to mention the BMW M5. The 3rd decade of the M5 line will be celebrated in a big way. In total, 600 copies of the anniversary version will be produced, the engine will be boosted to a symbolic 600 horsepower. Looks will be great too. “Emotional” nameplates will be complemented by a round date mark, the same mark will be embroidered on branded seats. Large calipers will also fit into the enlarged rims, in a word, a real exclusive.

It is these models of the modern automotive world that are of value. It is about them, after several decades, that motorists will remember, forgetting a whole series of the same type of modern bodies.

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