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Neoplan Skyliner: an old novelty in our market

by sellrentcars

Neoplan buses, as a subsidiary of a man, did not arise any complaints. The company, which has existed since 1953, specializing in the production of buses and chassis for trucks, has worked on a constant improvement of its products. They worked with the steering control, killing two birds with one at once. Facilitating the work of the driver and freeing additional space for passengers. Their buses were the first to be equipped with stationary toilets and air conditioning system in the cabin.

At the moment, the most popular model is Starliner with us. A real bestseller, reliable and durable, capable of comforting passengers at a cruising speed of 120 km \ h. On the Autoline bus portal, you can find a used model with a good residual resource for quite adequate money. Well, fans of newer models can be advised Skyliner, which has long been available for order or purchase with mileage. True, the model is still rarely found with us, although it appeared in 2011.

Skylainer – a 14 -meter bus with a width of just over 2.5 meters and 4m height. As many as 11,000 liters of the luggage compartment are available at the disposal of passengers. Luxury 2 -storey bus with 3 axes was created for suburban transportation for endless autobahns. Inside, in addition to 70 comfortable places for passengers, there is also a bar, air conditioning, a toilet on the ground floor, as well as several batteries for CDs.

As a power unit, already proven 12 is used here.4 liter motor for 500 forces with type 12 steps. ABS, ESP and the start assistant are installed already in the basic configuration. This all makes the trip as safe as possible, and managing a large bus as simple as driving a hatchback golf class.

Commercial transport for neoplan – production leitmotif. It is likely that a new model with improved performance will be introduced in the near future. In the meantime, we are content with a bus with a torque of 1900 Newtons and a luxury level of comfort.

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