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About spark plugs and their choice

by sellrentcars

There can be no trifles in such a vehicle node as the engine, and all its elements play an important role in the total engine operation time. Unfortunately, it turns out that such trifles as, for example, spark plugs, are paid attention by many car owners only when the engine starts to “troit”. Naturally, at this moment you need to urgently look for new candles, but is it possible to buy them at the nearest auto parts store without paying attention to the selection criteria?

Of course you can’t. The correct choice of candles determines how long they last and when you once again have to go to the store for them. The two main criteria when choosing spark plugs are the heat rating and the dimensions of the elements.

With dimensions, everything is simple – the candles must correspond in size to their “nests” in the engine of your car. The heat number shows in what thermal conditions a candle can operate. The higher this number, the greater the heat load from the engine can withstand the candle.

The best way to prepare for the purchase of spark plugs is to simply look into the car’s manual and find out all the necessary parameters. The best spark plugs are those that are recommended by the manufacturer. It is possible that there will be problems with their search, however, after the purchase, these candles will last much longer than others.

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