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Business Setan from Renault. It’s time to conquer new heights.

by sellrentcars

Renault, perhaps, is one of the most extraordinary car factories in Europe. They actively storm the niche of compact cars, stylish hatchbacks and family station wagons. Laguna and Clio – recognizable cars at an affordable price, with an excellent design and a rich set of functions. What the new owner receives for this money will not receive anyone else. But sooner or later, success will end, the market will be oversaturated, and competitors will begin to step on their heels. You need to move on. Further with the new sedan.

The first Fluence, a sedan that has replaced the already not popular Megane in the sedan back. And it was a failure. For 6 years, the French had time to think and improve. And they did it. Very soon, Autoframos Renault will offer its customers a new Fluence, a completely restyled model.

The designer’s task was to do everything as usual, only the other way around. Do not use decorative moldings, bizarre lines and pseudo -adopters. The straight “clean” lines of the body are slightly diluted with optics in the company style of Renault, add the charm of the lower protective moldings, which look like a full -fledged element of the body. The chrome -plated foglight fluid is echoing with chrome on the door handles. If you close the value on the radiator grill, it is unlikely that it will be possible to say that this is Renault. Is it good? Well, certainly not bad.

The cabin is more and more recognizable. Corporate identity is read everywhere, except, perhaps, the dashboard. Only a tachometer remained from analogue switch devices. The speedometer and the rest of the showing are now electronic. On the right is the on-board computer display on which navigation is displayed, controlled by voice commands through the R-Link system.

In our region, the most popular will be new, created specifically for sedan 1.6 liter gasoline engine for 115 forces with a higher torque. The design remained the same, and the growth was received due to work with phasoregulators.

A laconic sedan with a rich, characteristic of Renault, a set of options, on a simple suspension (MacPherson + beam), with a simple motor – this is certainly a victory. Soon the car will effectively appear on the roads of our country.

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