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Main advantages of power cable

by sellrentcars

Power cable is the most popular and demanded products. Foreign countries produce it specifically for wiring in cars. This product meets all standards and requirements. This product is used for efficient and fast current transmission, and is also responsible for its distribution. For example, the VVGng LS cable is in rather high demand today. There are a huge variety of types of cable and wire products, so at first glance it is quite difficult to remember all the features and understand what the differences are. VVG, for example, has a simple PVC insulation, it does not have any fire retardant or self-extinguishing properties. But in the VVGng layer there are special halogen elements, it is they that prevent the undesirable combustion process.

Profitable business

At first glance, it seems that working in this area is not very interesting and prestigious, and it is quite difficult to achieve specific results. But it’s a delusion. After all, great heights can only be achieved if you start from the simplest, studying all the subtleties and nuances of this business from the inside. Power cable production is no exception.

Why is power cable so popular??

This product is used to connect houses and other buildings to power lines. Among the main advantages, the following can be noted – high resistance to mechanical damage, as well as to temperature extremes (operating range – from -50 to + 50 ° C.). The power cable withstands adverse weather conditions and even high humidity (at 40 °C it can reach 98%)!

It has excellent tensile and tensile strength. Resistant to aggressive chemical environment. There are several storage options. Often, huge bays of 150-200 meters in length are used for this. They are the most comfortable.

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