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Toyota is going to release updated Vitz

by sellrentcars

The famous Japanese automaker Toyota is going to in the winter of next year at one of the tuning shows to announce the prototype of demand in the country of a well-known car in the body of the Toyota Vitz hatchback. It is important to note that the machine will be equipped with a turbocharged engine.

According to preliminary data, the novelty will receive the working name GRMN Vitz Turbo Concept. As planned in the Japanese concern, the new car can further develop the idea of ​​near-sports cars and will quite possibly become a continuation of the GRMN project previously launched in 2010.

It is important to add that the prototype is planned to be equipped with an engine with a volume of one and a half liters, delivering power of 152 liters.With. In addition, the novelty will be equipped with a five-speed manual transmission.

Compared to the mass-produced Toyota Vitz, the novelty will have a more powerful engine. The increase in power is approximately 40%.

If this new car is available to car enthusiasts from many countries, not only in Japan, then this is quite possible, it can greatly increase attention to Toyota products. Such attention from buyers will allow this Japanese automaker to strengthen its position in the markets of most countries, as the largest automaker in the world, well ahead of American industrial companies.

Japanese automakers do not always try to sell their good cars in countries other than Japan. This hatchback, quite possibly, due to its practicality, will be popular in the automotive markets of both Europe and Russia, where calling a St. Petersburg tow truck will not be a frequent need.

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