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What is a towbar?

by sellrentcars

Car owners are always in a better position than pedestrians or those using public transport.

Car owners are always in a better position than pedestrians or those using public transport.

First of all, they are free in the directions of movement, they are mobile and easy to climb. The speed of movement depends mainly on the model of the car, the year of its manufacture and the degree of maintenance. For a good owner, who not only exploits his iron assistant, but also periodically arranges a technical inspection for a preventive purpose, the car will be in better condition and will be able to make many more pleasant trips.

For vehicles, such a detail as a towbar is simply necessary. The tow bar, or TSU for short, is a special device designed for towing and transporting light car trailers. Most often, this device is equipped with a spherical shape, which allows it to provide it with special functionality.

Typically, a towbar for Volkswagen (Volkswagen) consists of a coupling ball mounted on the vehicle body and a coupling head located on the drawbar of the trailer itself. Its diameter within fifty millimeters is provided for by generally accepted state. For the transportation of various goods weighing up to 4 tons, the towing device of your own car is used; when using it, it is only important that the type of towbar in a particular case exactly matches the loads that are expected during operation. In addition to the towbar, the TSU kit includes a universal electrician, consisting of a socket and a braid of wires.

European quality and accurate compliance with security standards transforms the application of a rupture into an act of goodwill during transportation of another car in adverse circumstances.

Not a single car owner has regretted that a towbar has been installed on his Volkswagen. Thanks to this simple device, it is possible to independently, excluding extraneous intervention, transport fairly large goods without additional investments.

Such situations happen very often. Every car owner solves the problems received as they arise, using a towbar.

Thempopal serves as a kind of connecting link, which, on the one hand, fixes the trailer, not allowing it to disconnect, but on the other, contributing to its correct and neat behavior on the roads.

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