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Alfa Romeo decided to save a little on a supercar, entrusting its design to students (video)

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In addition to full -time engineers and stylists, Alfa Romeo also attracted students from the European Institute for Design in Geneva. A group of twenty young artists was designed by the Gloria concept, which the company has implemented a full -size layout.

The debut of a new conceptual sedan on the Geneva auto exhibition has become a kind of promotion to a group of students who, according to the company’s management, the most interesting option. By the way, among other things, each participating in the development, received the degree of a master’s art in the field of transport design. To put it simply, work on the Gloria model has become for students their thesis.

So, the task of the students was to develop a large rear-wheel drive sedan that could bring the values ​​of Alfa Romeo to potential buyers from America and Asia. It is known that in these markets, the company plans to position itself as a manufacturer of attractive premium cars with a pronounced sports bias. By the way, another criterion was the possibility of using V8 and V6 power plants on a sedan. Undoubtedly, if we were talking about the conveyor embodiment of the Gloria model, then the latest generation of Mazerati Quattroporte would share the “engines” with it. It turns out that the Gloria model can be considered the forerunner of the new flagship of the Italian brand.

We emphasize that the demonstration of student works at solid exhibitions has long been practiced by many European automakers, especially French and Italian. By the way, this practice was also noticed by AvtoVAZ. So, for example, in 2008, at the Moscow Motor Show, the auto giant showed a Lada Kalina 4 × 4 model, which was developed by a student from Stroganovka – Vladimir Filatov.

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