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Ford has announced a new crossover Edge

by sellrentcars

Ford employees have already called their new development, namely the updated Edge the flagship of the entire line of crossovers in Europe, where it will be a step above the famous crossover called Kuga. So, the new crossover received an exterior according to all the rules of the innovative style of this brand, and it was also equipped with a number of new technological solutions, and it will go on sale only with a diesel engine.

Representatives of the Ford brand claim that their new development was built “from scratch”. And the updated Ford Edge is based on the global platform that was used in the Ford Mondeo. In addition, the new crossover will have a completely independent suspension. The body of the car will be much more rigid due to the use of a large amount of high-strength steel in its construction. In Europe, the Edge will only be available with a Duratorq TDCi diesel engine with a displacement of 2.0 liters. However, it will be presented in two boosts, namely with 180 liters. FROM. And with 250 l.With..

Also, the updated crossover from Ford will be equipped with some technological innovations of the concern. In particular, it will have Adaptive Steering – adaptive power steering. So if it is required to repair the RVD – the sleeves of high pressure, you need to find a competent specialist. If we talk about the interior, then it will have an installed system of active noise ownership. The car will also be equipped with a front video camera, for a better review of complex sections of the road. In addition, it is planned that the crossover will be able to arrange an adaptive cruise control, a system for observing the row and a multimedia system that can be controlled by voice.

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