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Mercedes has developed a hydrogen crossover (video)

by sellrentcars

Designers from Mercedes have developed a project in which the character of a classic crossover produced since 1979 is reincarnated into a car of the future. The new concept with the name Ener-G-FORCE will be presented in auto-affairs in Los Angeles.

At the moment, the direction of the project emphasizes that this car is designed specifically for the police. An absolutely environmentally friendly SUV debuts on a motor show in the category of special.cars. A unique body of models with insignificant glazing dimensions give the car complete safety. At the same time, additional lighting devices built into the roof will allow you to find out the machine even among thousands of similar SUVs.

For many, the new development of designers Mercedes seems to be a fantastic and to some extent unrealistic. However, representatives of the company assure that the automaker is already ready to transform the project into a civilian car.

As in the version for the police, a civilian crossover will receive an image from G-Class. But at the same time, the appearance of the car will change primarily due to the reduction in the area occupied by the body glass. Moreover, the option for the ordinary population can be distinguished thanks to the original retractable compartment for tools, which will be located in place of the “reserve”. It will be easy and quick to get to it, and now you don’t need to open the tailgate for this.

All wheels of the car, as well as all other systems, will be under the control of electronics. It is she who processes information about the area where the car is located. This system operates due to a special scanner installed on the roof and sending signals to the control unit, which in turn changes the settings of the main units and assemblies. By the way, it is necessary to say about the energy storage devices installed on the side skirts, which change their color depending on the state of the batteries.

Both variants of the new SUV will run on hydrogen. Fuel – water, is stored in tanks located on the roof and transferred to a hydroconverter, in which the natural energy resource is converted into hydrogen. On the water, the SUV will be able to drive about 800 km, and therefore it can be confidently called the real “green” vehicle.

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