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by sellrentcars

Every iron horse, no matter how many wheels it has, requires care and maintenance. And responsible car owners conduct inspections almost every day. And this cannot be called an extra precaution, because such attention to the car will pay off with a long service life. Although periodic maintenance will suffice. Just remind yourself: “So soon my al-ko will be out of warranty. Will have to check them out.”. Remembering which parts require preventive inspection and replacement, carrying out these operations on time, you will minimize the risk of failure of any auto systems.

How often should maintenance be done

There are several types of vehicle maintenance. They are caused by different factors and have different periodicity. But they all have one function to extend the life of equipment. And don’t be fooled by any of them. Forget to change your fleetguard, after the final clogging – you will only make it worse for yourself.

Technical inspection happens:




Everything is simple with seasonal. Before the start of the winter or summer season, we inevitably have to prepare our car for the features that await it during this period. However, do not limit yourself to changing tires. Before winter, and especially after, it is necessary to check all. Integrity of the wiring (frost does not spare the insulation of the wires, and we don’t need a short circuit), coupling and fixing bolts, and suspension parts (constant contact with a damp environment and caustic compounds that strew the road can lead to wear of certain components).

Recommended. This is a constant need to remember when and what parts were installed on the machine and to check them after the warranty period has expired. This applies to each part individually, lubricants and the car itself as a whole. Manufacturers always indicate the mileage limit, after which inspection of the entire structure is strictly necessary.

Daily. Before each trip, a preventive surface inspection should be carried out. Such a measure will allow to detect breakdowns in the early stages, and therefore, to eliminate them on time and with the least bloodshed.

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